Rising costs could test mortgage servicers’ strategies

6 | The Rising Cost of Mortgage Loan Servicing Controlling Costs and Increasing Revenue 1. Labor Arbitrage Servicers can perform a comprehensive job task analysis to determine elements of their operation that can be outsourced to third party specialists who have the scale, global delivery capability, and specialty expertise

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Meanwhile, over at First American, Chief Economist Mark Fleming says today’s housing market can still thrive with mortgage rates at 5%. "Despite all the talk about rising mortgage rates, it’s important to evaluate this in context," Fleming says.

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The big challenge of rising interest rates? They will boost your monthly mortgage payment. That’s why Jason Walgrave, a real estate agent with RE/MAX Advantage Plus in Savage, Minnesota, recommends that buyers worried about cost never buy the most expensive home, and take out the biggest mortgage, that they can absolutely afford.

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Mortgage Servicers Add Fees as Costs Increase | American Banker – The rising cost of servicing nonperforming mortgages has forced some companies to start charging special fees. These include fees for managing loans that are seriously delinquent or in foreclosure or bankruptcy, as well as incentive fees that reward the servicers for reducing losses.

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